On The Last Knell of Tarumus:

The Winner series is just that. Truly an adventure spanning the multiverse with a blend of mind blowing science and imaginative fantasy. The Last Knell was the climax I was waiting for. Unrelenting waves of action leaving me wanting more. The heroes daring do left me cheering on the sidelines for more thrills. I found myself transported to worlds of the mind and the physical, and wanting to thank the author for taking me there. The final act was so unexpected I read the last chapter twice and cheered. The power of the mind is without limits, but as in the book the power of love is truly boundless. Thanks so much for sharing your passion with me.

– Richard Moore

On The Sundering Veil:

Winner: The Sundering Veil is the action packed continuation of Martin’s quest to save the world. He, along with the rest of the Four, find themselves in faraway places with danger lurking around every corner from the menacing Gidfel and the beast he created in Winner: The Awakening. The reader will eagerly anticipate every page turn.

– Harmonie Roesch-West

On The Last Knell of Tarumus:

I started reading The Last Knell of Tarumus last night and could not put it down until 3 am – it grabbed me from the get go. I hope you keep writing, because you are damn good!

– Daniel Bucholtz

On The Last Knell of Tarumus:

This trilogy is so original it defies categorization. The third book is a lush treat for the senses, a fast ride for the intellect, a rollicking adventure for the spirit, and a warm caress for the romantic soul. Winner – especially the final volume – engages the reader on so many levels it is impossible to put down. From Antarctica to Giza, Venezuela to LA, global enigmas and universal mysteries are woven into a fantastic adventure spun across the epochs. If you only read one book every decade, make this trilogy your choice… It will alter your view of the universe, and our place in it, forever.

I loved the characters because they are so cool, and how the story is like a cross between “Lord of the Rings” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with a little bit of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” thrown in for good measure. The other-worldly scenes are so beautifully drawn, the story is worth reading just for that alone. In fact, this story is so well told and the prose so finely crafted that this book moves into the realm of literature.

– Teresa Coady

On The Sundering Veil:

The Sundering Veil was a great read… I can hardly wait for the third book in the trilogy to come out.

– Al Garner

On The Sundering Veil:

Dream On! I Can’t Wait For Book Three…

This book was so magical! I felt like I read it much too fast. I was so drawn to every word on every page that I want to live on Tarfarin, I want to be Victoria by day and Keresel by night!

Gidfel has become evil beyond imagination. I find him remarkable in his own right. Wolf and Claudia are two brilliant minds together…. They rock!

I have become completely enamored with Martin’s character. He keeps me on the edge with his dreams. I can hardly wait to see what happens to him in Book Three.

I loved every page of the The Sundering Veil except the last one: so I’ll say it again – I am anxiously awaiting Book Three!

– Donna Penner

On The Awakening:

I had a great time with this rollicking read. Plausible characters in implausible situations portrayed in a vivid believable manner. The book unfolds like a grand movie in the mind. I am looking forward to the next installment. Well done Mr. Bolda!

– Robin Dutton

On The Awakening:

A complex, layered and nuanced story that weaves in computer hackers, evil megalomaniacs and a Dionysian world view while its protagonists race around the globe in an effort to save the planet. Vancouver lawyer Martin Slice gets an unexpected reprieve from the drudgery of life as an over-worked lawyer when he’s catapulted into a world of day-trading, ex-special ops surfers and sentient computer programs with dire warnings. Author Marc Bolda’s opening salvo in what is shaping up to be a killer trilogy is a monster hybrid of fantasy, science fiction, myth and unrelenting action. Crisp and bold, his writing sizzles on the page.

– Mark Quail

On The Awakening:

The Awakening is an entertaining, fast-paced and intriguing introduction to what promises to be a great trilogy of novels. Author Marc Bolda pulls the reader into a world of many dangers: computer viruses; nuclear devices; a tsunami; a stock market collapse; occult rituals; and ancient artefacts with unpredictable powers. The novel is packed with memorable characters. My favourites are a dissolute lawyer despairing for meaning, a ruthless Nazi intent on world domination and a Vietnam vet searching for a change of luck and the perfect wave. There are even beautiful and seductive twin assassins. The Awakening moves quickly and is hard to put down. Mr. Bolda takes the reader from a courtroom in Vancouver to a research ship above the Marianas Trench; from the beaches of Oahu to a lair in deepest Siberia; and from the murky underworld of Eastern European arms dealers to an erotic rave on the California coast. The action scenes are vividly described, the dialogue is convincing and, best of all, the story is imbued with wry observations and witty humour that sets this tale apart from other novels in the genre. I heartily recommend The Awakening and can’t wait for the second book in the Winner trilogy.

– Dan Mulligan