The Trilogy

The Awakening

Book One: The Awakening

Hold on – because this book will rock you!

Join in the adventure of a lifetime by reading book one of the ‘Winner’ trilogy, The Awakening, in which our hero, disillusioned lawyer Martin Slice, discovers his destiny and a plot to destroy all of mankind. Ancient artifacts, a mysterious power source at the bottom of the world’s deepest ocean and the beginnings of a mesmerizing love affair in the wake of death and disaster set the stage for the continuation of this compelling tale in soon-to-come volumes two and three. So jump in, buckle up and hold on, because this book will rock you!

To whet your appetite for more, click here for a free read of Part One of the first book in the trilogy, The Awakening, entitled Traitor’s Warning.

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The Sundering Veil

Book Two: The Sundering Veil

Dive deeper – into an ocean of dreams…

The adventure continues, with book two of the amazing ‘Winner’ trilogy, The Sundering Veil, in which our intrepid heroes encounter death, mystery and mayhem, not only in our world but also the captivating mirror universe planet of Tärfarin, where Martin meets Victoria’s soul double and the sinister Oracle of Mellärn, who will confront him with a dreadful choice…Meanwhile, the evilly possessed Gidfel discovers new secrets that will draw all to their final destiny beneath the frozen wastes of Antarctica – to be concluded in volume three.

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Book Three: The Last Knell of Tarumus

The stunning conclusion to the ‘Winner’ trilogy…

Ever wonder why we’re here? The secrets of the Universe are finally revealed in this epic sci-fi story of splendor, destruction and retribution. A  doomsday machine has been set in motion, a lethal countdown to point zero and Martin is the thin red line, the chosen of an ancient race to challenge the horror from Hell and save all of existence from extinction. The question is: can he do it? Non-stop roller-coaster action and heart break romance all the way, so get ready to enjoy a white-knuckle ride!

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