The Trilogy

“The Sundering Veil was a great read… I can hardly wait for the third book to come out.”

– Al Garner

“An action packed page turner with danger lurking around every corner…”

– Harmonie Roesch-West

“This book was so magical! I felt like I read it much too fast.”

– Donna Penner

Book Two: The Sundering Veil

Dive deeper – into an ocean of dreams…

The adventure continues, with book two of the amazing ‘Winner’ trilogy, The Sundering Veil, in which our intrepid heroes encounter death, mystery and mayhem, not only in our world but also the captivating mirror universe planet of Tärfarin, where Martin meets Victoria’s soul double and the sinister Oracle of Mellärn, who will confront him with a dreadful choice…Meanwhile, the evilly possessed Gidfel discovers new secrets that will draw all to their final destiny beneath the frozen wastes of Antarctica – to be concluded in volume three.

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