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Donna Penner

June 8, 2012 | Category: Testimonial | Tags: .

Dream On! I Can’t Wait For Book Three…

This book was so magical! I felt like I read it much too fast. I was so drawn to every word on every page that I want to live on Tarfarin, I want to be Victoria by day and Keresel by night!

Gidfel has become evil beyond imagination. I find him remarkable in his own right. Wolf and Claudia are two brilliant minds together…. They rock!

I have become completely enamored with Martin’s character. He keeps me on the edge with his dreams. I can hardly wait to see what happens to him in Book Three.

I loved every page of the The Sundering Veil except the last one: so I’ll say it again – I am anxiously awaiting Book Three!

– Donna Penner